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Whilst many of our Board & Club members are heading north for short or long holiday break, work will continue on some key deliverables that were tabled at our AGM. This is the ideal time for work to be carried out before the summer season and pennant competition

The Solar Panels project is underway with key elements completed; we are waiting for our grant to be determined by the Federal Government.

In the main hall the 2 T.V’s now have a sponsorship program that will scroll through all our sponsors whenever we are open for business – great work from Jeff Flather. Sponsors are a vital income source for our Club and we need to be on the lookout for new sponsors for this financial year. If you have someone who you think may sponsor our Club please contact either Board Member Ian Shepherdly or Sponsorship Manager Lou Taylor who will make personal contact.

New rakes are under construction by the Men’s Shed and delivery is expected by the end of August.

The new smoking area has been defined and work should be completed by the 2ndweek in July.  New signage is being prepared for the area. 

The plans for the locker area and storing of the indoor carpet etc. has been approved by the board.  Work has commenced on implementing the necessary changes. 

Our sun shades on the back balcony have torn due to the bad weather we have experienced in the past few weeks. The board has approved the quote for their replacement, opting not a fix the existing shades as they are over 16years old and no guarantees can be given by the installing company. Therefore, we are proceeding with the new shades for the area.

Ian Shepherdley has been working closely with the Shire council to have our carpark properly graded.  This work has been approved by the Council and work is now expected to commence shortly.

 The Board reviewed and approved the installation of new security camera inside the Club House, complementing the external cameras. By installing new cameras, we have been able to cancel our Coastcom arrangements. This will be a saving for the Club without comprising security, as any movement in or around the club outside of operating hours will alert us and record the event off site.

Club members now can enjoy a game of Dart’s on a wet winter day with our friends and guests. Thank you to Bernie Smith for donating the board and John Grant for the installation.

It is pleasing to advise the Council have agreed to re-sand the polished floor boards. This work is scheduled for the 20thAugust and completed by the 26thAugust.  

 All Members can see the Club has a substantial ongoing cost commitment to continue these improvements. These costs will need to be met by Members supporting the Club in all areas, both playing and social, and we need to see a build up of attendance at all our Club functions, both bowling and social.

 Please don’t be afraid to ask your friends and neighbors to join or visit our Friendly Club.

President - Judith Hanrahan


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