Season 2019-20

Board of Management

President                                                            Judith Hanrahan

Vice President                                                   Ian Shepherdley

Club Secretary                                                   John Waugh

Club Treasurer                                                   Kent Wickham

Directors                                                            John Bell, B Smith, C Healy, R Tulloch

Bowls Chair                                                        Pat Donnelly

Bowls Vice Chair                                               Jeff Dardel

Areas of Responsibility

Administration                                                  John Waugh

Membership Records                                       John Waugh, Judith Hanrahan

Future Direction & Gov’t Interaction             Judith Hanrahan, Ian Shepherdley

Non-Member Bowls Development                 Peter Gordon

Club Communications Officer (CCO) Bernie Smith

Website                                               Bernie Smith

Planning and Development                             Judith Hanrahan, Kent Wickham

Financial Management and Planning            Kent Wickham

Sponsorship Management                              Ian Shepherdley

Bar and Functions                                             John Bell

Social Club                                                         Judith Hanrahan

Greens                                                                Kent Wickham

House Management                                         Carmel Healy

OH&S                                                                  Carmel Healy



Licensed Nominee                                            John Bell

Public Officer                                                     John Waugh

Auditors                                                             Bill Martin & Graeme Ainslie

Solicitor                                                              Mornington Legal